If you’re familiar with TikTok, you know that there are many viral trends that circle the app that result in people using the same audio or visual effects to make their own hysterical videos.  The social media platform is basically the new version of Vine, except most of its users make their videos lip-syncing to their favorite songs or audio clips. Since the release of Hotel Diablo in July, many users have taken a sound bite from Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD’s “I Think I’m OKAY” featuring Travis Barker and turned it into one of these viral memes. 

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The audio clip in particular is the beginning of the song. Here, MGK raps, “Watch me, take a good thing and fuck it all up in one night.” 

The lyrics have led people to make an array of videos about things they tend to mess up. This could be anything from ruining their GPAs thanks to last-minute assignments to destroying their relationships as a result of their own mistakes. It’s pretty much the most innocent way to poke fun at your own misfortune, and we’re grateful for the videos that have come from it. Check out 10 hilarious examples of people using the Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD song in their TikTok videos below.

1. When this person showed how even if a relationship is seemingly perfect, it could only take one night to ruin everything
2. This video that references the hilarious scene from The Office where Kevin makes a total mess with a huge pot of chili
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3. When one user captured exactly what always happens when you try to take a quiet shower late at night
4. This video that is all of us when one last-minute assignment totally ruined our grade for a class
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5. This video that shows exactly why we can never stick to our diet
6. When this kid reminded us that burping the alphabet as a child was one of the most impressive skills you could have in the cafeteria
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7. This girl who is all of us when we have a mental breakdown and want to try to give ourselves an upgraded hairstyle
8. This dark humor about how the popularity of Juuls has affected young people
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9. When your teacher kills your vibe by not letting you sit near your best friend
10. This person who is all of us when we get a paycheck and wonder where it all went the next day

You can watch the music video for “I Think I’m OKAY” by Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD featuring Travis Barker below.

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What is your favorite TikTok video that uses this scene song? Sound off in the comments below!