It looks like Machine Gun Kelly's Hotel Diablo journey isn't over just yet.

The rapper turned chart-topping pop-punk performer is teaming up with Z2 Comics for his first-ever graphic novel Hotel Diablo. Together, the team is bringing Machine Gun Kelly's 2019 album to life across over 100 colorfully animated pages full of new stories to discover.

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Machine Gun Kelly has truly evolved in the public eye over the years. Last year, fans saw him transition into the pop-punk world with his latest album Tickets To My Downfall. As well, MGK has made a name from himself on the big screen by starring in films such as Nerve, Bird Box and Project Power. He even made his directorial debut alongside MOD SUN for the new musical film Downfalls High.

Now, Machine Gun Kelly is forging a career in the world of graphic novels. He is officially teaming up with Z2 Comics for Hotel Diablo, a graphic novel inspired by his 2019 album.

"Between Heaven and Hell lies a waystation for the soul--a place where your deeds in life
are the keys to your eternity in the afterlife--at the Hotel Diablo. And it's Lidia Lopez's
first night behind the front desk. Every guest has a story to tell and a lesson to learn..."

Machine Gun Kelly Hotel Diablo cover-min

[Cover art by Martin Morazzo][/caption]

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Machine Gun Kelly co-wrote the new graphic novel with Archie Comics' Eliot Rahal and DC Comics' Ryan Cady. As well, all of the incredible artwork was done by Martin Morazzo, Amilcar Pinna, Victor Ibañez, Nelson Blake II and Tyler Boss.

Along with the standard edition cover that can be seen above, Hotel Diablo is also available in a special deluxe edition with exclusive new artwork created by Morazzo and Boss.

Machine Gun Kelly Hotel Diablo Deluxe cover-min

[Cover art by Tyler Boss and Martin Morazzo][/caption]As an Alternative Press exclusive, fans are getting the first look at the Hotel Diablo slipcase and vinyl. Both items feature the majestic yet mysterious hotel splashed across the front covers in black and gold hues.

[Cover art by Martin Morazzo and Tyler Boss]

The standard softcover edition of Machine Gun Kelly's Hotel Diablo arrives in bookshops and comic book stores this July. However, the special deluxe and super deluxe editions, which come with the exclusive vinyl, are available for pre-order only through Z2 Comics here.

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For co-writer Eliot Rahal, working with Machine Gun Kelly and Ryan Cady on Hotel Diablo was an unforgettable experience.

“This project has me feeling incredibly lucky. Colson [Machine Gun Kelly] is an incredibly intense and passionate artist," Rahal says. "It's the kind of energy I respond to. He's someone who wants to do something special, and as a result we have. Z2's editorial department has assembled together with an incredible array of artists to work with. Creators whose works I've respected for a long time. And last... I get to work with Ryan Cady. Not only is he an incredible writer, but also one of my greatest friends. And really... that's one of the biggest blessings of this entire process (don't tell him I said that though).”

Similarly, Cady notes that Machine Gun Kelly's original proposal for the graphic novel had him hooked instantly.

“Horror anthologies are like catnip for me, so when Colson presented the Hotel Diablo
concept to us, I couldn't help but latch on," Cady says. “And a chance to work with Eliot Rahal and a team of all-star artists? The raw intensity of the album, this idea of a vacation to visit the darkest corner of your soul--hell yeah, y'all, sign me up.”

Z2 Comics has collaborated with various artists over the years including My Chemical Romance‘s Mikey Way for the new Electric Century graphic novel. Back in October, Oliver Tree revealed that his new graphic novel Oliver Tree Vs. Little Ricky: Alien Boys! is among the releases in Z2 Comics’ 2021 lineup. As well, All Time Low are gearing up to release their new Young Renegades comic this June through Z2 Comics.

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