Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem's feud is the stuff of legends. The feud seems to be on the back burner right now given Eminem's newest target is Nick Cannon. But details of the rivalry keep coming up. In a recent interview, Yelawolf talks about his initial reservations about MGK and the leadup to the MGK and Eminem beef.

Yelawolf discusses how he was told to ask Eminem and MGK to do a track together and a few months later, Eminem dropped Kamikaze out of nowhere.

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The Alabama rapper Yelawolf was at first, at odds with Machine Gun Kelly. The beef was over some comments MGK made about Warped Tour, which Yelawolf was on.

A "young super hot-headed MGK made a comment about Warped Tour and how people shouldn't throw water and start moshpits." Yelawolf says. "I was on Warped Tour, I took it personally,"

After a while, Yelawolf and Kelly signed off with their beef and started collaborating as label mates on Interscope. That's when Yelawolf was asked if he could get Shady and MGK to record verses for a track together.

"I laid my verse, sent it to MGK, got MGK's back to me, and I sent that to Marshall...crickets." Yelawolf says. "I didn't hear nothin', I took that as he didn't want to do it."

A few months later, Shady dropped Kamikaze and started the MGK feud. The rest is history, for now. Kelly rapidly fired back "Rap Devil" and Eminem squared up again with "Killshot". There is a hot debate amongst fans about the winner of the feud that lays in dormancy for now.

The collaboration song in question might have been 2019's "Rowdy" that came off Trunk Muzik 3 which features MGK's vocals.

Watch a clip of the Yelawolf interview with HipHopDX below.

Who do you think was the winner in the legendary feud? Sound off below.

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