If you were a fan of the original collaboration between Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker and YUNGBLUD then fasten your seatbelts. "I Think I'm OKAY" dropped last June and quickly became a mega hit. Now the song is seemingly getting a "sad version" according to footage posted by the three.

While they're in the studio, it also seems that Barker, Kelly and YUNGBLUD are also working on a brand new track. Whether it's for MGK's upcoming pop-punk album Tickets To My Downfall is still unknown.

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MGK chatted with Zane Lowe ahead of the release of the original "I Think I'm OKAY," explaining he was “scared to even bring [Barker] the song ’cause [he] was like, ‘Maybe he’s gonna think it’s too blink-182.’”

But he explained Barker loved how they put their own twist on it, which ended up coming together more quickly than they all imagined.

“Fun fact about this song is that YUNGBLUD came into my studio 15 minutes before I needed to go to Travis’ house because we had a session planned,” MGK tells Lowe. “I was like, ‘Dude, I have this crazy song idea. I just need you to do something but I don’t have any time. I have to go to Travis’ house. I can’t waste his time. You just gotta get in there and do something.’

“He went in there and freestyled his whole verse and just left my house all within 10 minutes. I called him back 30 minutes later, and I’m like, ‘Dude, Travis Barker’s putting drums on the song right now.”

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The song quickly became a success with the video currently sitting at 35 million views.

Barker also retweeted the post.

Perhaps in even more exciting news though, Machine Gun Kelly posted to his story a video of YUNGBLUD in the booth singing something that doesn't sound familiar. Could it be a new song? Could it be a new song on Tickets To My Downfall or is it another collaboration between the three? We already know that YUNGBLUD will be on that record thanks to MGK.

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Kelly also revealed other previous collaborators blackbearTrippie Redd and Young Thug will be joining him on the new project. MGK is going big for his wish list of collabs though, including Attila frontman Fronz and the Used vocalist Bert McCracken. Machine Gun Kelly got one wish granted at least in the form of McCracken.

The video shows MGK with the caption commenting on what it means when YUNGLBUD has his shirt off.

[video width="480" height="852" mp4="https://media.altpress.com/uploads/2020/03/88119543_873399123121460_3434809030315878103_n.mp4"][/video]

Barker also shared a video from what appears to be the same hangout. While no new music is revealed, it does show Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD sharing a moment.

[video width="640" height="1136" mp4="https://media.altpress.com/uploads/2020/03/89180866_3230974526931526_976445354945679015_n.mp4"][/video]

Whatever is in store for the future, we're sure it's going to be incredible.

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Just last week, Machine Gun Kelly gave an update on the release of Tickets To My Downfall.

Fans began wondering when the highly-anticipated album would arrive back in January. MGK answered that question saying it would hit in early 2020, between January and March.

Then, we saw a clip of MGK at Interscope Records dancing on a table while playing a track from Tickets To My Downfall. Watch the video below.

The release of the album is getting delayed until the summer though. He posted a video a little while back saying the record would arrive in the summer but no release date has surfaced as of yet.

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Next, on Feb. 28, Machine Gun Kelly posted a clip of him and his crew in the studio listening back to mixes of songs from the record. The post is captioned “omg it’s almost finished” with Travis Barker tagged in the post. You can hear the song clip in the video below.

[video width="480" height="852" mp4="https://media.altpress.com/uploads/2020/02/88104676_2612470102198218_4012911924408018791_n.mp4"][/video]

So hopefully we get to hear Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker and YUNGBLUD collaborate again soon. Whether the sad version of "I Think I'm OKAY" or Tickets to My Downfall releases first, we have no idea.

Are you excited to hear these collaborations? Tell us in the comments below!

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