Just after dropping the collab of the century with Halsey and Travis Barker, it looks like YUNGBLUD could be back in the studio working with another legendary dream team. 

On his Instagram story last evening, YUNGBLUD shared a video of himself jumping around with Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The pair appeared to be in the studio.

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However, a look at Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram story only made us even more excited. The rapper shared YUNGBLUD’s story and added, “ur a fucking awesome house guest,” with an arrow pointing toward YUNGBLUD’s handle.

Additionally, MGK shared a video of the blink-182 drummer also in the same vicinity as him and YUNGBLUD. Barker appears to be layering percussion beats over recorded vocals. Listen to the potential snippet below.
To make matters even more suspicious, Barker shared a Boomerang from behind the booth, showcasing Machine Gun Kelly in the studio.

While we’re just as confused as you, Barker’s involvement doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Last week, it was teased that Barker and MGK were already potentially working together. Given YUNGBLUD’s recent collaboration with Barker, the branches connecting the trio are certainly coming together.

Additionally, about two months ago, Machine Gun Kelly shared that he had scrapped an entire album. Not wanting to leave fans completely empty-handed, the rapper promised the new material would be coming soon. On top of his recent Instagram stories, MGK also teased some new beats last month.

What do you think this trio is up to? Do you think this collab could be part of MGK's all-new album? Sound off in the comments below.

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