[Photo by: Jamie Lee Curtis/Twitter]

After hearing the news that a new Halloween sequel will be making its way onto the big screens, horror fans have been anxiously awaiting to see what the infamous slasher's mask is going to look like, and it appears that our wait is finally over. 

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In a tweet from Blumhouse, the film's production company, fans were able to get the first official look at Michael Myers' new mask in a teaser trailer for the upcoming horror flick. We're so excited, and maybe slightly terrified, of the shape's new look. 

After seeing this poster, we're definitely more on the terrified side of things. 

While the mask isn't the the one we've grown used to seeing, we're sure it's going to give us nightmares regardless. Michael Myers' mask isn't the only thing that is changing about the shape. As previously reported, the masked killer will start walking around the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, with "cat-like" qualities. 

"We talked about the character and we talked about movement," Courtney says of director David Gordon Green, per an interview with Halloween Daily News. "He said, 'Look, I really see a certain—yes, The Shape moves a certain way and Nick Castle was the one that created that iconic sort of presence, but I have this idea that there's a certain cat-like quality to the efficiency and movement.'"

Even though there's some differences to the Myers' we've come accustomed to seeing, that doesn't mean we aren't excited about the upcoming horror flick. With the confirmation that Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle will be coming back to reprise their famous roles and the added bonus of John Carpenter, the film's original director, coming back to serve as executive producer, fans are beyond excited to see the slasher film. 

As we know, the film is set to be a sequel to the 1978 original. With the film being a sequel, it's reported that the team behind the new slasher will be disregarding the previous films and picking up 40 years after Carpenter's original story. 

With the film set to be a sequel to the one that started it all, and the fact that key players behind the first one are back, we're pretty excited about the movie. How could we not and it looks like we're not alone! In a previous report, Jason Blum, one of the film's many producers stated that he is “very, very excited” for horror fans to see the sequel. 

Speaking to Digital Spy after seeing an early cut of the film, Blum says he feels “really good about it."

“I saw a cut of it two nights ago. I think David [Gordon Green] did a terrific job,” Blum continued. “He did everything I hoped he would do which is respect the DNA of the franchise and bring something totally new to it and we’re really very, very excited for people to see it.”

Be sure to watch the Halloween reboot when it hits theaters Oct. 19.

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