Nearly 12 years after the conclusion of the Twilight saga with Breaking Dawn, author Stephenie Meyer has finally given the highly anticipated follow-up, Midnight Sun, an official release date

Last week, it was rumored that Meyer would be announcing the book after she posted a countdown on her website. The website crashed after the countdown completed, but Meyer appeared on Good Morning America to reveal the news that her book will be out Aug. 4. 

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Fans are excited to finally see the Twilight series from the point of view of Edward Cullen with over 600 pages to read. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to Meyer’s big announcement. 

This TikTok to “Bella’s Lullaby” that captures how we’re all feeling
Screaming with your friends is really the only way to have the perfect fandom reunion
It's time for a little room redecorating before Midnight Sun gets here
Everyone on Team Edward is about to have quite the emotional roller coaster
It's time to break out those old Twilight CDs with Muse and Paramore
Paul Rudd is all of us with Midnight Sun
Decode” will never not be an anthem
Hopefully, all of our old Twilight merch items still fit 
Midnight Sun will be a straight-up blessing for the year 2020
We will always be fans regardless of age
Are 670 pages even long enough?
Edward Cullen's return in Midnight Sun deserves a celebration dance
Take our money, please!
It's definitely time to reread the saga and look at old teen magazines for wall posters
Like Edward, some things just don't die, including love for the Twilight books
We all knew there was a reason we kept these books in our childhood bedrooms
Time to start bingeing all of the movies before Midnight Sun
This would be a dream come true!
Big WTF energy
2020 has a few silver linings, including Midnight Sun
Being a 10-year-old in the past ruled
At least in the summer, you hopefully won't have to read any school textbooks
Twilight is life, at least for the next few months

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