Photographer: Rebecca Reed

Last night (May 14) in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory, a mysterious band billed as "Merman" (or "Brotown" in some circles) made their grand reunion. Of course, "Brotown" is simply the moniker of Midtown who announced their return in February (read more about that in our exclusive Q&A with Gabe Saporta). 

AP photographer Rebecca Reed was there for the show and takes you inside the packed Knitting Factory with these 27 photos. 

Photographer notes:

"Such Hounds opened; Rob absolutely loves them and wanted them on the show. "Merman" Midtown was all original members and played for a little more than an hour-and-a-half. They opened with songs off Lose the World, Save The Girl and ended the night with "Just Rock and Roll"

They talked briefly about what they've been doing for the past 10 years personally—married, kid, day jobs—but nothing about other musical projects.

 It was like being at their shows in the early 2000s Same people, same songs and same exact energy! It was a déjà vu moment that lasted all night, and it was super fun!"