Mike Shinoda has released his “generative mixtape” ZIGGURATS. NFTS associated with the project sold out almost instantly after release.

The music/NFT artwork collection was released Dec. 2 on the Tezos blockchain and dropped on streaming services Dec. 3.

Five thousand NFTs were designed by Shinoda, each with their own exclusive cover art for ZIGGURATS and music, and sold out within minutes on ziggurats.xyz.

In a press release, Shinoda discussed why he chose Tezos for the mixtape’s release.

I know there are a lot of fans who are curious about NFTs but haven’t tried it yet,” Shinoda says. “So I designed this release to be an easy ‘first NFT. 

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“I chose Tezos because it’s a green blockchain, with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any popular chain,” Shinoda continues. “We’ve all bought an app we ‘own,’ like Microsoft Word or a music plug-in or an item in a game. But those items are unlimited in number. The difference here is that the NFT is limited edition, highlighting the value of authenticity, rarity and originality.”

Fans will still be able to view and listen to the collection here.

Take a listen to ZIGGURATS below.

ZIGGURATS tracklist

1. “Genius Bar”
2. “Richard Bachman”
3. “Cheat Codes”