On Nov. 22, 2010, My Chemical Romance's classic album Danger Days was released. The album unleashed the story of the Killjoys along with the mega-hits "Na Na Na," "SING" and "Bulletproof Heart."

Now, Mikey Way is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Danger Days with a major throwback to the album's era.

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Earlier this month, fans began to speculate that Gerard Way is teasing a possible announcement for the Danger Days 10th anniversary. Although we are still waiting to see if the MCR frontman is actually hinting at something, Mikey Way is clearly celebrating the milestone with fans this week.

On Monday, Way shared a throwback photo of his signature Kobra Kid jacket. Worn all throughout the Danger Days era, the red leather jacket definitely has some wear and tear, but is still holding up well after all these years. As well, Way captioned the throwback photo with "keep running," a nod to their song "SING."

"Happy 10th to DD...Keep running."


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Frank Iero also celebrated the Danger Days anniversary this week. Over the weekend, he shared his disbelief that a decade has gone by since the album was released. He recalls being incredibly proud when the album debuted amidst a very rocky time in My Chemical Romance's career.

"daaaaamn has it really been 10years??!? To be honest it kinda feels more like 20... Happy Danger Day, frendz! There’s some batshit magic on this record. I remember this being a very turbulent time for us as a band and i’m extremely proud of what we accomplished together on this record. All my love to my brothers @raytoro @gerardway & @mikeyway ??to @mckeanwest Rob Cavallo and everyone that helped make the killjoys come to life.
? RIP @laurenvalencia RIP @toddyouth RIP Craig Aaronson."


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As well, Mikey Way isn't the only MCR member to share a throwback to the Danger Days era this year. Back in July, Iero uncovered some early sketches of his Fun Ghoul symbol. Although the sketches are similar to what the final Killjoys symbol looked like, the Fun Ghoul emblem ditched the horns somewhere along the way.


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In celebration of the Danger Days anniversary and Mikey Way's nod to "SING," the track's video is available to watch below.

How are you celebrating the Danger Days 10th anniversary? What are your reactions to Mikey Way's throwback post? Let us know in the comments below.