Last week, Mikey Way and David Debiak finally debuted Electric Century's new self-titled album.

Now, Way has shared a rare glimpse of his My Chemical Romance bandmate Ray Toro producing the new album in the studio.

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On Feb. 26, Electric Century's long-awaited new album, and accompanying graphic novel, finally made their debut. The dynamic full-length LP features 11 songs including "Til We're Gone" that were all produced by Ray Toro. Last month, Way exclusively told Alternative Press just how Toro helped bring Electric Century's new album to life.

"All bias aside, I think that Ray Toro is a musical genius," Way said. "We both speak this different language and know what each other mean at all times in the studio. He’s at the top of his game and in a league of his own."

Along with producing the self-titled album, Toro also played guitar and provided some electrifying solos on the record. Collectively, Toro's contributions helped build the concepts and sound heard on Electric Century.

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"He helped shape these songs in a big way by building the musical soundscapes and really thinking outside the box on songs from the demo phase," Way said. "Also, having his guitar playing and solos all over the record doesn’t hurt anything. He has an incredible sense of what part is called for and when. He’s such a brilliant musical architect."

Now, Way has shared a rare look at Ray Toro producing the new album. On Thursday, Way took to Instagram to both praise and thank his My Chemical Romance bandmate for the work he did on the new release.

"I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the legendary @raytoro for making the new @electriccentury album sound massive and adventurous - more so than I dreamed possible."


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Of course, this isn't the first time members of My Chemical Romance have collaborated together outside of the band. Over the years, Mikey Way has teamed up with Gerard Way for a variety of projects including the 2018 single “Baby You’re A Haunted House." They also worked together on Andy Black's song “Louder Than You Love," off of his debut solo album The Shadow Side.

Meanwhile, Ray Toro has worked with both Frank Iero and Gerard Way numerous times in the past. Toro not only collaborated with Gerard Way on the Turtles‘ “Happy Together" cover for The Umbrella Academy, but he also mixed Frank Iero And The Future Violents One On One City Winery recordings in 2019.

Electric Century's new album is available to stream below.

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