Through our endless scrolling and clicking, we inevitably come across a massive amount of content that doesn't necessarily warrant a news story on its own—but is amusing nonetheless. Instead of letting those small, yet noteworthy, moments slip through the cracks, we decided to gather them up in one convenient, post. Check out our favorite internet moments of the week below.

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1. Let’s start with Mr. Frank Iero, who has unanimously won cutest post of the year award.


2. Joke time with John Feldmann and Alex Gaskarth.


@alexalltimelow @blink182 @julian_hip told me that joke.

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More Feldmann mayhem featuring Gaskarth and Blink-182.


@zakkcervini KILLING IT with @alexalltimelow @blink182 @markhoppus @travisbarker @matttskiba

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3. “I am in search of a never ending fountain of nacho cheese.”

4. Happy 10th Birthday to Taking Back Sunday’s Louder Now!

And the next Taking Back Sunday chapter in the works.

5. Tyler Szalkowski (State Champs) + Brian MacDonald (PVRIS) = best bros.


when ur best bros separated by busy tour schedules, you get each other's faces on your in ear monitors

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6. ROAM, Turnover, Moose Blood and Real Friends all social media-ing together.

7. #voteJack, #voteAlex

8. “Nothing Lasts Forever” - Transit

Alex from PVRIS on Transit’s farewell.

9. Maxx from Set It Off’s Pistol, the scene’s most famous Twitter cat.

10. Creeper should add this to their merch because I want one, now.

11. Tyler Posey covering the Swellers on Instagram.


Little do you know, I'm in my underwear. I need a drummer. The swellers - best I ever had cover

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12. Nothing like a feel-good Real Friends tweet to brighten your day.

13. Citizen and Turnover’s sound engineer donated over $2,000 to Planned Parenthood from a collection box at merch tables and online donations during the bands’ recent tour with Sorority Noise and Milk Teeth.

14. Dan Lambton and Joe Taylor in one picture? Don’t mind if I do.

15. Damn, Wolf Alice are cool enough to call the 1975, 75.

16. The moment we’ve all been waiting for… Mikey Way’s Harry Potter house.

And the subsequent Twitter discussion.

17. Lastly, we agree.


Time to get cracking!

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What's your favorite moment from the past week? What'd we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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