Milk Teeth

Vile Child

Though they hail from the U.K. and only formed two years ago, Milk Teeth’s heritage is very much rooted in the ’90s American alt-rock scene. The follow-up to the Bristol band’s acclaimed Sad Sack EP, Vile Child once again delves into the heart of grungy alt-rock, offering up 12 delightfully retro and riotous tunes. The album isn’t simply mired in the past, functioning as well as a contemporary rock record as it does a homage to the past. The opener (and first single) “Brickwork” sets the tone with its visceral yet cerebral chops as Joshua Bannister and Becky Blomfield’s alternating vocals spar with each other to devastating effect. It’s a pattern that’s repeated throughout, and the likes of “Brain Food” and “Crow’s Feet” glow with fuzzy splendor and untempered attitude. A bold, uncompromising debut.  


Brain Food