Mint Green have shared a new single, “What I'm Feeling.” The track comes ahead of the band's debut album, All Girls Go To Heaven, out June 3 via Pure Noise Records.

“What I'm Feeling” is a hopelessly romantic song about someone who wants to learn everything that makes their partner tick, from the place they go when they want to be alone to where they had their first kiss.

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Vocalist Ronnica sings, “I wanna go back to where we first met/I wanna know what you felt and if you have felt the same since.”

All Girls Go To Heaven is based on the idea of paradise. But instead of the typical images that come to mind (i.e. palm trees, sunshine and white pearly gates), the album focuses on discovering what paradise means from an individual perspective.

“Anyone can achieve this so-called ‘sacred’ destination by simply believing that they belong there,” Ronnica explains. “Or rather, creating their own definition of what heaven is.”

Preorder All Girls Go To Heaven here, and check out the lyric video for “What I'm Feeling” below.


[Photo courtesy of Mint Green][/caption]

All Girls Go To Heaven tracklisting

1. “Against The Grain”
2. “Body Language”
3. “What I'm Feeling”
4. “Make Me Stay”
5. “Trying”
6. “Ready”
7. “Golden”
8. “Whatever Happens”
9. “(We) Should Have Spoken”
10. “Ringtone”