It's been 16 years since Misery Signals released a song with original vocalist Jesse Zaraska but they're back with a brand new song and music video featuring the singer.

The band are revealing their latest track "The Tempest" marking the first bit of music from their upcoming fifth full-length Ultraviolet.

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Zaraska was a founding member of the band but left in 2006 to focus on his softer sounding project Sleeping Girl.

They released three records with Karl Schubach on vocals and in 2014, they revealed Zaraska would be returning for a tenth anniversary tour of Of Malice and the Magnum Heart.

Shortly after, they began working on what is now becoming Ultraviolet.

Then, they began teasing new music on May 8 with a short clip of ocean waves on their social media accounts.

Now, the band are officially revealing their return with "The Tempest."

The song is the first with Zaraska since their 2004 debut album.

Lead guitarist Ryan Morgan offers his thoughts on the song's energy and how it shows up across the album.

“‘The Tempest‘ feels like a concentrated dose of Misery Signals. I love that it crashes through with all this energy, with very little indulging. That type of songwriting economy was in my mind across this whole album. It’s interesting to hear a little bit of restraint work to actually make everything bigger.”

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“Jesse has this really clear voice, and even in his most vicious screaming the vulnerability gets through first. People will hear the record and there won’t be any need for decoding the emotional content. ‘Sunlifter’ was the first song we wrote for the record and it set the tone thematically for the lyrics on the album, which came to be about ambition and striving and all the parts of ourselves that are in contradiction with each other.”

Zaraska adds his thoughts on how his lyrics are changing for this record and the reason why.

“It is a record that purveys a much greater sense of hope than those that preceded it, and I think that as older individuals this was important from the onset of the process. I tried to create a Misery Signals record that was lyrically more positive than the previous outings, something that I could get behind as a father. Though there still exists a fair amount of tension and darkness, there shines a great amount more light.”

The new record is arriving on August 7 and can be pre-ordered here.

You can watch the video below.

What do you think of Misery Signals' first new song with Jesse Zaraska on vocals again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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