Have you ever belted out the lyrics to your favorite song only to be corrected by a fellow fan? Sometimes bands hear their own song with misheard lyrics and offer a hilarious correction, such as in the case of blink-182 on “Feeling This.”

Don’t worry, everyone does it, including musicians themselves. Even Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen used to confuse Alanis Morissette lyrics. 

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Check out 10 misheard song lyrics from alternative and scene songs below.

1. YUNGBLUD – “Die For The Hype”

What we heard:On a cold coop at D-day/Why that chicken sookie on your face?”
What he said:On a coke-covered D-day/While they're chucking sukki on your face”

Even some of the lyric webpages are confused about what exactly YUNGBLUD is saying in this lyric. In fact, one page added question marks in the lyric text. Who knows? Maybe the “right” lyrics are still misheard. You may have to ask the singer himself for some help. 

2. The All-American Rejects – “Sweat”

What we heard: “Maybe I’m a Betsy/Blame it on the TV”
What they said: “Maybe I'm a bad seed/Blame it on the TV”

Tyson Ritter from the All-American Rejects probably didn’t think his name was Betsy for any reason. However, it’s definitely not the worst name he could’ve picked out for himself. 

3. twenty one pilots – “Morph”

What we heard: “What they’re throwing me to sew”
What they said: “What they throw at me's too slow”

Tyler Joseph is a pretty talented guy, but do his talents extend to sewing? We guess we’ll never know because that is definitely not what he said on this twenty one pilots song. 

4. Fall Out Boy – “Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC)”

What we heard: “I broke in a dam on the same day”
What they said: “A birth and a death on the same day”

Fall Out Boy aren’t beavers, so it’s nonsensical that they broke a dam. Talking about death is much more their brand. 

5. We The Kings – “The Story Of Your Life”

What we heard: “Just say gas if you really want me to”
What they said: “Just say yes if you really want me to”

We know gas prices have been pretty low lately, but even that doesn’t justify saying that particular word in this We The Kings track from Smile Kid

6. Every Time I Die – “It Remembers”

What we heard: “Hello millennium, I took my medicine”
What they said: “Heaven won't let me in, I took my medicine”

This stellar Every Time I Die track features Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie and is a fan favorite. However, for you exceptional ETID fans, hopefully you heard frontman Keith Buckley’s lyrics right and didn’t embarrass yourself at a show. 

7. The Ready Set – “Killer”

What we heard: “Lower than kilo, take your heart like a weed blow”
What he said: “Lower than real low, take your heart like a repo”

Unfortunately for the Ready Set, some of us slayed his lyrics to “Killer.” His line makes a lot more sense than whatever some of our imaginations conjured up. 

8. All Time Low – “Some Kind Of Disaster”

What we heard: “I woke up from a never-ending dream/I shut my eyes at 17/I lost every moment in between/I felt the song rise up and swallow me, yeah”
What they said: “I woke up from a never-ending dream/I shut my eyes at 17/I lost every moment in between/I felt the sun rise up and swallow me, yeah”

“Song” and “sun” sound so similar. Thankfully, Alex Gaskarth cleared up this All Time Low song for us and accepts it both ways. Sing it either way and you won’t look goofy.

9. Bring Me The Horizon – “Shadow Moses”

What we heard: “This is sandpit turtle
What they said: “This is sempiternal”

While it doesn’t exactly fit with the theme of this Bring Me The Horizon track, it would be cute to add in a line about a turtle. Many of us have already sung it like this.

10. My Chemical Romance – “Our Lady Of Sorrows”

What we heard: “Steak my fucking head/Don’t let them see your back teeth/My fucking head/And never be afraid again”
What they said: “Stand up fucking tall/Don’t let them see your back/And take my fucking hand/And never be afraid again”

My Chemical Romance’s “Our Lady Of Sorrows” is a harrowing track that many of us just happened to hear horribly wrong. Seeing anyone’s back teeth feels like a bit of a challenge, anyway. 

Let us know if you have any favorite songs with misheard lyrics in the comments below.