There's little that is more traumatizing than singing along so confidently to your favorite song only to have your friends suddenly start laughing at you over your lyric choice.
Suddenly you're questioning every line, every lyric and wondering what other songs you've been singing wrong your entire life.

We've gathered some of the most commonly misheard pop-punk lyrics to show you that you're not alone in your existential crisis. Check out 13 of our favorite misheard lyrics below!

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State Champs - “Secrets”

What we hear: “What did you expect to happen/Were you Matt Damon/With nothing left to do”
What it is: “What did you expect to happen/Were you mad then/With nothing left to do”

Honestly, we're still not convinced we're wrong. Maybe the band just really like Matt Damon?

All Time Low - “This Is How We Do”

What we hear: “Keeping us a secret/We’re the butt fucking believers”
What it is: “Keeping us a secret/We’re the back pocket believers”

Come on. It's All Time Low. If anyone would have "butt fucking believers" in a song, it would be them. We never would have given this lyric a second thought.

blink-182 - “Dumpweed”

What we hear: “She’s a dog/She’s a fucking nightmare”
What it is: “She’s a dove/She’s a fucking nightmare”

Another one that we would have sang confidently without a second thought. Although, dove does sounds a lot nicer...

Bowling For Soup - “Punk Rock 101”

What we hear: “It’s stupid, contagious/To think my bro can save us”
What it is: “It’s stupid, contagious/To be broke and famous”

Apparently Bowling For Soup have more faith in their "bro" than we do.

Like Pacific - “22A”

What we hear: “‘Cause you get Pikachus”
What it is: “‘Cause you can’t pick and choose”

Well so much for this being our “Pokemon Go” theme song. Now what are we supposed to sing when we're out looking for Pikachu?!

State Champs - “Hard To Please”

What we hear: “You’ve got a blinding scent of dick breath”
What it is: “You’ve got a plan inside a deep breath”

Every State Champs fan we've ever talked to will tell you this is the lyric they hear. Trust us: Once you hear it, you can't un-hear it.

ROAM - “Head Rush”

What we hear: “And everything I grope/Just comes back again”
What it is: “And everything I throw/Just comes back again”

Oh...this one makes a lot more sense now.

The Story So Far - “Quicksand”

What we hear: “But I’d rather gamble/Lose all the French toast”
What it is: “But I’d rather gamble/Lose all and face death”

We'd never want to lose all the French toast, so needless to say, this one brought us some much-needed relief. Our French toast is safe.

New Found Glory - “All Downhill From Here”

What we hear: “Pikachu erected out your butt”
What it is: “Figured you were acting out your part”

Looks like we have to scratch off another track on our “Pokemon Go” playlist.

blink-182 - “All The Small Things”

What we hear: “All the small things/Drew Carey sings”
What it is: “All the small things/Truth care, truth brings”

Do you think Drew Carey was bummed when he found out this line wasn't about him?

Neck Deep - “Can’t Kick Up The Roots”

What we hear: “That there will always be a place in my town call a referee”
What it is: “Then there will always be a place in my town called revelry”

We were wondering what went on in your town that would require you to need a referee...

The Wonder Years - “Everything I Own Fits In This Backpack”

What we hear: “I woke up today/And put on my shitty boxers”
What it is: “I woke up today/And put all my shit in boxes”

We were a little concerned with this one when we heard it. Luckily, the actual lyrics put our concerns to rest.

All Time Low - “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)”

What we hear: “I farted for a long time now/While drowning in a river of denial”
What it is: “I fought it for a long time now/While drowning in a river of denial”

Every All Time Low fan is fully aware of this misheard lyric, and if you're not, have fun un-hearing this one now!

What other pop-punk lyrics caused you to have an existential crisis? Sound off in the comments below!