Miss May I are giving us the first look at a four-part documentary, "Making of Shadows Inside," detailing the creation of their new album, set to release June 2 via SharpTone Records.

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In part one, each band member and co-producer Drew Fulk delve into the recording and demoing process. Spoiler: There's definitely a lot of rewriting involved.

Vocalist Levi Benton says that taking time away from touring to make the album was hard, but he's thankful for the finished product.

"We really feel this record is something special," Benton says. "We feel it in our guts and we feel it in our music.

"Filming the documentary was something that needed to happen to capture this moment in our lives," he continues. "Our fans have never seen this side of the band, and it is a great side that I think everyone should be exposed to who are fans of the band."

Watch part one of four below: