[Photo by: M&Ms/Facebook]

Ah, M&Ms. The popular candy company has been producing the yummiest circular-shaped treats for decades now, and while they can't compete against their classic chocalate flavor, it doesn't mean they won't try. 

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Earlier this week, Mars Incorporated, the company behind Snickers, Skittles and of course M&Ms, announced that three new flavors of M&Ms will be available to try, and we're pretty excited to get our hands on the newest flavors.

The three new M&M's flavors will include M&M Crunchy Raspberry, M&M Crunchy Espresso and M&M Crunchy Mint. All three will be hitting shelves this spring, per a report by Bustle

You can see the new flavors below! 

Yeah, we're pretty excited about trying these out for ourselves.

The Crunchy Mint M&M reportedly tastes like a Thin Mint, which we all know is a Girl Scout cookie favorite. The espresso reportedly tastes like a chocolate covered coffee bean. Now, we unfortunately can only go off of a taste test that was done on The Today Show about this new flavor, but we'll take Kathie Lee and Hoda's word for it

The new M&Ms are currently available in select stores, but they will have an official release in April. While we're pretty excited about the new flavors, it looks like they won't be here forever. 

From now until May 25, you can vote to pick your favorite flavor from the three. You can either vote at flavorvote.mms.com, or you can share your thoughts on the new flavors using the tags  #VoteCrunchyEspresso, #VoteCrunchyRaspberry or #VoteCrunchyMint. If you'd rather not use a computer or social networking site, you can even text the word 'VOTE' to 84444 with whatever your favorite M&M is. 

What flavor are you most excited to try? Let us know below!