Evansville, Indiana's Mock Orange are streaming a new song titled "High Octane Punk Mode" as part of Wednesday Records' Fall 2014 Sampler. This is their first material since 2011's Disguised As Ghosts, their fifth studio album, which was also reviewed on AltPress. It's worth noting the track was mastered by Angus Cooke, who engineered their debut LP, 1998's Nines & Sixes. An album announcement is likely to follow the single, with a Facebook post on October 6, 2014 indicating that it was "the day we finished tracking the album." A fried hard drive derailed its progress for many months last year, but luckily a data recovery company was finally able to resuscitate their work.

The band have another hometown show scheduled on December 12 for those unable to see their sold out one last week.