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[EKKSTACY/Montana Little, Pinkshift/Leigh Ann Rodgers]

MOD SUN, EKKSTACY and Pinkshift are our tracks of the week

Welcome to Sound Station, where we’re highlighting the best new tracks that came out this week. Head into the weekend with songs from MOD SUN, EKKSTACY and more.

MOD SUN unveils a cinematic music video for his latest ballad “Battle Scars” 

MOD SUN knows how to pull on our heartstrings, and his latest single “Battle Scars” is no exception. Accompanying the delicate ballad is a cinematic music video directed and produced by MOD SUN that features everything from robberies, love on the run and the bloody consequences of getting mixed up with the wrong people. The video isn’t for the faint of heart, but even through the video’s intense scenes, MOD SUN peppers in a series of heartwarming moments, as well as some impressive performance shots behind the drum kit: his first instrument. —Alessandro DeCaro

EKKSTACY’s revelatory post-punk

EKKSTACY’s world may seem gray, but his songs reveal a vivid, heart-on-sleeve intimacy. On “i want to die in your arms,” he melds dark, blunt lyrics with a buoyant groove. It’s the sound of an artist coming into his own, anchored by his reverence for alternative, emo and post-punk. His new album, Misery, is out Sept. 30. —Neville Hardman

Pinkshift want you to get out of their face with heavy new single “GET OUT” 

Baltimore punks Pinkshift brought the heat with their latest single “GET OUT.” The song clocks in at just over two minutes and takes aim at toxic people with aggressive reproach. On top of the heavy guitar riffs and supercharged drums, vocalist Ashrita Kumar screams their heart out in the song’s chorus, declaring, “Get out of my face/I don’t want you here so go away.” The result is a song that’ll make you want to stage-dive and stand up for yourself. —Alessandro DeCaro

Cold Hart and Lil Peep’s sedative bliss

Lil Peep’s legacy lives on in Cold Hart’s “Dying.” The track feels like a lost GOTHBOICLIQUE B-side, a peek back at two friends tinkering around in their living room and smoking indica at 3 a.m. The OC Season 3 mixtape is out now, which features another collab with fellow GBC member Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. —Neville Hardman

Djo unveils another charming single with “Figure You Out”

Joe Keery (Stranger Things) is back with another new single ahead of his project Djo‘s sophomore album, DECIDE. On “Figure You Out,” Keery’s charming lilt is accompanied by bursts of gloomy, shimmering synths. With the vocal drama of David Bowie, Keery creates a cinematic universe of his own making within the three-minute earworm. —Ilana Kaplan

Danny Dwyer performs a flawless victory with new single “Mortal Kombat” 

Hyperpop newcomer Danny Dwyer has released an emotionally charged single, “Mortal Kombat.” The new track chronicles a painful breakup and the feelings of guilt and co-dependency that arise when parting ways with a significant other. Dwyer uses the metaphorical imagery of the hyperviolent Mortal Kombat video game series to display how painful love can be. Additionally, he released a stunning video for the track that features everything from retro-inspired fighting game visuals to melancholic shots performed in desolate settings. —Alessandro DeCaro

nothing,nowhere. shares a modern post-hardcore classic featuring Senses Fail

nothing,nowhere. held nothing back on “M1SERY_SYNDROME.” The track incorporates early 2000s post-hardcore hooks with anthemic and soaring vocals in the vein of the Used and Saosin. The song also features a surprise breakdown at the tail end for added intensity. For the new track, nothing,nowhere. enlisted one of his biggest influences — Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail — to provide guest vocals, a pairing that couldn’t be more effective in delivering the song’s powerful message. —Alessandro DeCaro

44phantom brings us back to the glory days of emo rap

Emo-pop artist 44phantom has released a stellar new single “don’t sleep,repeat” featuring modern pop-punk superstar Machine Gun Kelly. The soulful track finds both singers trading off vocal lines that chronicle their collective trauma and the dark side of Hollywood over booming 808s and trap drums. On the song, 44phantom continues to prove that he’s a vocal powerhouse with an incredible sense of range and emotional depth. —Alessandro DeCaro 

Curtis Waters’ “STAR KILLER” is an indie-pop dream 

On Curtis Waters’ new single “STAR KILLER,” the indie-pop artist provides a playful and driving tune centered around a catchy vocal hook and guitar riff that feels like a subtle homage to Basement Jaxx’s classic hit “Where’s Your Head At.” Accompanying the new track is a visually stimulating video that harks back to the glory days of ’90s Britpop and shows Waters sporting iconic David Bowie-inspired face paint, which we’re most definitely here for. —Alessandro DeCaro  

The Beaches pen an ode to Greek mythology

The Beaches’ latest single “Orpheus” is a captivating ode to the Greek mytho. Over three-and-a-half minutes, the band thread gentle nostalgia with a driving beat. Though the track sounds romantic initially, its emphasis is on time — how instead of looking back on past loves, “there’s someone else for you to catch.” —Neville Hardman