Mod Sun, the hyper-talented rapper and rock musician is again teasing a new track. What's even better is that the new song will feature Machine Gun Kelly and Goody Grace

Mod Sun teased the same song back in December. His Instagram story even showed off a bit of Machine Gun Kelly's verse on the track. 

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Back in December, there was plenty of Mod Sun, Goody Grace, Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly news. They were together and in the studio constantly. Once the news of MGK's record Tickets To My Downfall dropped, everyone just assumed that was the reason for all of the updates. 


Mod Sun teased a song on his Instagram story with a snippet of MGK's verse while hanging out with Goody Grace. 

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Now, it seems like we're finally going to get the whole song. On March 19, a fan asked Mod Sun if he would drop a new track due to the coronavirus quarantine. He sent back a cheeky reply. 


On March 20, Mod Sun took to Instagram to post a video of him teasing the track again. He's wearing a facemask and reminds fans to practice social distancing. 

Mod Sun + Machine Gun Kelly + Goody Grace....practice #socialdistancing if u want this song. 

Hopefully this new track will be released soon. We've been waiting since December.

More Machine Gun Kelly

Speaking of MGK collaborations, his most recent just dropped on March 13. “Bullets with Names” features  Young Thug, RJMrLa and Lil Duke.

Four days later, the multi-talented artist dropped the corresponding music video for the track, and just like the song that inspired it, it goes equally as hard.

“Bullets With Names” is the second music video that Machine Gun Kelly has dropped in as many weeks. On March 5, Machine Gun Kelly dropped his music video for “why are you here” but it wasn’t in the way he probably wanted. Someone leaked the video and instead of attempting to cover it up, MGK shared the link as well.

Next, on March 12, MGK teased the new song in a social media video. The post is pretty on-brand for him. The video showed him smoking and playing the track in the background. 

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Machine Gun Kelly dropped the song the following morning and fans quickly came to admire the collaboration between the former tour mates in MGK and Young Thug, as well as the addition of RJMrLA and Lil Duke. The Jersey Shore-themed intro and rapid-fire flow put the icing on the cake to an unexpected song from MGK.

Since December, it seems out only news surrounding Kelly was about his upcoming pop-punk album Tickets To My Downfall and all of the collaborations and work being done on that front by himself, Travis BarkerYUNGBLUDBert McCracken, blackbearYoung Thug, Mod Sun and more.

That record is due out this summer, but for now, aside from teasing us with a Paramore classic, MGK is tiding us over with the music video for “Bullets With Names.”

The video included concert footage from Kelly and Young Thug’s tour, some skateboarding footage, a bloody Machine Gun Kelly and a whole lot of partying. Check it out below.

Are you stoked for a Mod Sun, Machine Gun Kelly and Good Grace collab? Tell us in the comments below!

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