[Photo credit: HasbroNews/Twitter]

We all have that one friend who cheats on board game night. We're convinced it's in their DNA; they just can't help it! Thankfully, Hasbro is coming out with a game tailored to cheaters, and it's totally blowing our minds.

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"Monopoly: Cheaters Edition" will be out this fall according to Bustle, and we are counting down the days. Fun, mischievous and sure to make all your friends side-eye each other? Yep, we're about it.

It's geared toward those who take extra money from the bank, scooch their thimble piece up a few places or skip rent on someone else's property. "Monopoly: Cheaters Edition" encourages cheating.

A new deck of cards, called "cheat cards," have tasks that most consider to be acts of cheating. However, there is a reward for completing the task without anyone noticing and penalties for those who can't carry out the job undetected. 

Add some unexpected excitement to board game night with "Monopoly: Cheaters Edition" this fall.