Morrissey will likely stop touring due to lack of label support

Followers of former Smiths frontman turned solo artist Morrissey know that the singer is having trouble finding a record label that will release his new material. According to an interview from April, he's apparently got about three album's worth of material ready to be released, but “none of the [major labels] are interested.” Unfortunately, according to a new statement from the legendary artist, the lack of a label might mean the end of Morrissey's touring career.

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Morrissey seems to have confirmed the news in a post made on Morrissey fan-zine True To You:

“There is absolutely no way that we can generate any interest from record labels in the United Kingdom, therefore the imminent two nights at Hammersmith are likely to be our final ever UK shows. We are obsessively grateful for all interest and loyalty from our audience … throughout 28 years … but without new releases, there is no point in any additional touring. Thank you for so many absolutely incredible times. The pleasure and privilege is mine … “

Hopefully Morrissey can pull through and find some happiness. We'd like to remind him that a Smiths reunion would always be welcome around these parts.