2018 is almost over, and before we bring in the new year, it appears that one more "end of the year" list had to make its appearance in the headlines.

We already know the most Googled personwho had the top tours of the year what shows we binge-watched the most and which artists had their music videos streamed the most, and now, we officially know what TV shows were the most pirated of 2018.

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While streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have made watching entertainment easier than it's ever been, that doesn't mean people have stopped illegally downloading content, and it seems TV shows are no exception to the rule.

According to a new report from TorrentFreak (via comicbook.com), AMC's zombie-filled series the Walking Dead is officially the most-pirated TV show of 2018, which is a pretty big feat considering it ended the six-year reign of HBO’s long-running series, Game of Thrones.

As Game Of Thrones didn't air any new episodes during the year, the popular AMC show, who has trailed the show in this ongoing list since 2014, didn't waste any time in finally taking over.

Following that, titles like Arrow, Supernatural, the Flash and Vikings all found a place on the list.

For what it's worth, it may be important to note that the shows that TorrentFreak added to their list were from a collection of data that they were able to get from "public BitTorrent traffic" and other trackers like the DHT network, which "only makes up a small portion of the piracy landscape."

So, with that being said, the data doesn't entirely count for every streaming site or platforms of the sort, which means the statistics only account for a select few.

In any case, you can check out the list of the most pirated TV shows of 2018 below:

The Walking Dead

The Flash

The Big Bang Theory






DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


Have you watched all of these pirated TV shows? Did any of the ones that made the list surprise you? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below!

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