As Halloween quickly approaches, we've all been frantically trying to put together the perfect costume. If you're looking to be original and stick out from the crowd, then you might want to stay away from 2018's popular costume picks for this year.

Find out this year's top picks for costumes below!

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Thanks to the data collected by Google Frightgeist, you can now see the most popular Halloween costumes on both a national and local scale.

According to Google, the most popular Halloween costume this year should really come as no surprise. The video game Fortnite not only took over as a record-breaking game, but it now holds the top spot for nationally ranked popular Halloween costumes.

What might surprise you are the costumes following behind Fornite, which include unicorns, dinosaurs, the 1980s, and.... rabbits?

Check out the top 25 Halloween costumes for 2018 below.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes (Nationally)
  1. Fortnite
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Unicorn
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Witch
  6. Harley Quinn
  7. Superhero
  8. Pirate
  9. Rabbit
  10. Princess
  11. Clown
  12. Wonder Woman
  13. Mouse
  14. The Incredibles
  15. Mermaid
  16. Zombie
  17. Monster
  18. Ninja
  19. Doll
  20. Batman
  21. 1980s
  22. Bear
  23. Black Panther
  24. Vampire
  25. Pumpkin

This tool is sure to come in helpful for those who are looking to make an original costume, which seems to be the goal of the site.

"With Frightgeist, we went on a hunt to find the most popular Halloween costumes of 2018. Pulling from the top 500 costume searches in the United States, Frightgeist used Google Trends to tell people what costumes were trending around them and help them find a costume that was sure to turn heads."

The site also allows you to see the top 5 costumes in every state.

Still need help finding that perfect costume? Google Frightgeist has a Costume Wizard that can help with that too. Just adjust the gears on the site and pick your "uniqueness level" and a costume idea will be generated for you!

Do you already have the perfect costume idea? Are you surprised to see Fortnite holding this year's top spot? Sound off in the comments below!

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