Motion City Soundtrack will continue 2015's celebration of their seminal record, Commit This To Memory, by playing the record in full at all dates of their newly-announced Australia tour.

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Commit This To Memory, the band's iconic, Hoppus-produced sophomore record that put them on the map, was released on June 7, 2005. The band has already toured in honor of the record's tenth anniversary in the United States with more dates in the way, and will be heading to Australia this August to take the party international. Take a look at the dates listed below.

Tour dates:

Aug 26 Studio - CTTM10 Tour Auckland, New Zealand

Aug 28 Manning Bar-CTTM10 Tour Potts Point, Australia

Aug 29 Max Watt's-CTTM10 Tour West End, Australia

Aug 30 170 Russell-CTTM10 Tour Melbourne, Australia

Sep 02 The Gov-CTTM10 Tour Adelaide, Australia

Sep 03 Rosemount Hotel - CTTM10 Tour North Perth, Australia