Motion City Soundtrack


This review originally ran in AP 288.

On Go, Motion City Soundtrack have successfully navigated both personal and aesthetic maturity, making this a win-win situation for themselves and fans. Their brisk pop sensibilities, strident vocal melodies and rock-solid propulsion remain in top form. But while no one comes close to capturing dork-in-love neurosis like frontman Justin Pierre, his awkward characters seem more sophisticated this time (“Son Of A Gun,” “The Worst Is Yet To Come”). Go isn’t a complete pogo-fest: The orchestrated melancholy of “Everyone Will Die” is a millennial-gen take on the Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize??” while “Happy Anniversary” details a scenario of fond memories sandwiched between death and regret. “I have a few things to say/I’ll just say what I need to,” Pierre warns on “Floating Down The River.” If Go is any indication of their future, MCS will have plenty to say, five albums from now.

Epitaph/The Boombox Generation

"Circuits And Wires"