Motion City Soundtrack

Making Moves: Volume 6 EP

This review originally ran in AP 293.

For the sixth and final installment of the Making Moves 7-inch series, curators Motion City Soundtrack close it out with some incredibly strong original material, as well as a well-executed cover. “Severance” is an airy, slowed-down shoegaze number with ringing guitars and delicate piano, unexpectedly exploding around the two-minute mark into a ripping, triumphant guitar solo. “Major Leagues” is the kind of floor-mover MCS perfected way back in their I Am The Movie days, with syncopated guitars in lockstep with Tony Thaxton’s expert drumming. (Jesse Johnson adds some nice synth and piano lines, too.) Bonus track “Pictures Of Success” is a Rilo Kiley cover, stripped down to strictly vocals and a gently plucked guitar. The reverb on Justin Pierre’s repeated cries of “I’m ready to go” is a lovely touch.

The Boombox Generation/MAD Dragon

"Major Leagues"