Save some cash this holiday season and make your friends a gift they will actually enjoy. Motionless In White Chocolate Pretzel will satisfy your sweet tooth and dark, dark soul.

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Serves: 24

Prep time: 5 minutes | Cook time: 40 minutes | Total time: 45 minutes


• 1 bag (16-ounce) pretzel rods

• 1 package (16-ounce) white chocolate candy melts

• Assorted white sprinkles

• 6 crushed Oreos


1. Line baking sheet with wax or parchment paper.  

2. Melt 1/2 of bag of white chocolate candy melts in glass bowl in microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring after each 30 seconds. Repeat until all chocolate is melted (approximately 2 minutes).

3. Pour melted chocolate into tall, slender glass for dipping. Working 1 pretzel at a time, dip your pretzel into your white chocolate.

4. Immediately sprinkle with white sprinkles and place onto wax paper allowing to dry (approximately 20 minutes).

5. After pretzels are dry, repeat melting additional 1/2 bag of white chocolate candy melts, and coat second end with white chocolate.

6. Sprinkle crushed Oreos on second side and let dry on lined baking sheet.

7. Package 3 pretzels per bag and wrap with ribbon for gifting.

Bon APpétit!

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