Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless discusses what he thinks fans can expect from artists going forward in a scene where it’s easy to get left behind in a scene where music is often downloadable and quickly disposable.

“Fan should expect bands to be…really trying to put forth an extra effort toward giving fans a little more,” says Motionless. “In today’s disposable, downloadable generation, if you’re not doing something to keep yourself on top or in rotation of any kind to fans, they’re just going to forget about you.”

How can bands achieve this? Motionless suggests that artists might find their favorites putting our music and videos at an accelerated rate and engaging them more in things like contests.

“Just things to get fans involved,” he concludes. “It’s cool; none of that’s a bad thing. It’s just happening so much more because of the fear of being left behind.” 

Motionless In White - AP 318