MoviePass is still trying to win back their customers trust after a pretty messy 2018. After introducing new subscription plans, the company seems to have one more trick.

Could it be bringing back the unlimited subscription plan?

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MoviePass had a pretty rough 2018. They crashed after running out of funds in July, and their parent company was under investigation in October—just to name a few. Then, they tried charming customers with dogs in November and ended the year by introducing new subscriptions plans.

The three new tiers allow users to see three movies per month—"Select," starting at $9.95/month, "All Access," starting at $14.95/month, and "Red Carpet," beginning at $19.95/month. Basically, the more you pay, the less restrictions on types and showtimes there are.

However, now the company is reportedly planning to bring back what made it famous in the first place: An unlimited plan.

MoviePass gained mainstream recognition in August 2017 with a $9.95 per month plan that allowed users to see one 2D movie per day. Problems persisted and changes were continuously made to the terms with the company eventually restricting users to three movies per month.

Variety reports a new unlimited subscription plan could be in the works for 2019. It was executive VP Khalid Itum who shared the news during an interview.

"It’s a tribute to our friends in exhibition," he said. "We’re saying that the best place to see a movie is a movie theater. That’s means getting off your couch and going to one. That’s sort of a story of human triumph fulfilled, as well as a story of our company fulfilling our promise to you as a consumer."

With the new program, users would be able to watch as many movies as they wanted each month, no restrictions. However, Itum hasn't revealed more details or the prices for the plan. We're going to bet it's not going to be $9.95, though.

Variety also notes that, MoviePass is regaining consumers after all the losses from last year. Data from NetBase show that 59 percent of users have a positive view of the company now, following the introduction of the new subscription plans.

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