Have you ever wondered what "Mr Brightside" by the Killers would sound like if it were written by blink-182? Of course, you haven't because that's such an oddball combination. Well, one musician wondered and because of that curiosity, we have one of the coolest mashups of all time.

SugarpillCovers took Brandon Flowers' sweet-as-honey vocals and overlaid some Tom DeLonge-sounding riffs, classic Mark Hoppus bass and Travis Barker drums.

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blink-182, rose to fame for their lyrics, coupled with overdriven, yet twinkly riffs, ferocious drums and fun Mark Hoppus moments and basslines. They aren't ever thrown into the mix with the Killers unless you're talking about really good bands that consistently pump out great albums.

But what if blink-182 wrote "Mr. Brightside?" Honestly, we think it would be even more entertaining to see what would happen if the Killers wrote "Dumpweed" but we digress.

YouTuber SugarpillCovers put on his thinking cap and showed off his musical talents with the below video. Check it out and imagine a world where these two were a single band.

It's particularly fun when you imagine DeLonge singing some of the lines. "Now they're going to bed/And my stomach is sick/And it's all in my yead."

Hats off to you for creating this masterpiece. It certainly helps kickstart the imagination during coronavirus quarantine.

If you're extra bored and love things like this, you can always check out the Post Malone and Hawthorne Heights mashup "I Fall Apart In Ohio." Or, if you're feeling really crazy, check out the Korn and The Lion King mashup, you won't regret it.

More blink-182

In order to actually make some people legitimately laugh in light of the coronavirus pandemic, a group of artists recreated the ironically funny Gal Gadot and friends singalong clip that went viral earlier this week. Instead of John Lennon‘s “Imagine,” the new group sings the blink-182 classic “I Miss You.” 

“I Miss You” also makes more sense during this quarantine because we’re all separated from one another. Thus, the new clip is legitimately funny and appropriate. 

If you missed out on that deliciously viral clip that this new one is mocking, go ahead and watch that below first. Aside from Gadot, it also features an array of celebrities including Will Ferrell and Sarah Silverman.

That clip didn’t go as well those involved believed and quickly backfired on the internet, with many calling it tone-deaf and anger-inducing. 

Well fear not, because others have our backs. 

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Led by Dr. Dog singer-songwriter Eric Slick and including Pedro The Lion‘s David Bazan, as well as Mac DeMarco, a late addition by Phoebe Bridgers and many more the “I Miss You” sing-along is the light-hearted content we all needed. 

The video is anchored by everyone’s hilarious attempts to belt that iconic tune á la Tom DeLonge. Check it out below. 

While no members of blink-182 actually joined in on the singing, Mark Hoppus did take some time to set down Animal Crossing and correct their pronunciation on one of the words. That word being “head” in the line, “Don’t waste your time on me/You’re already the voice inside my head.” Everyone in the video was pronouncing the word correctly, but Hoppus points out the simple correction that DeLonge pronounces it “yead.”

We apologize for spelling out that joke so literally if you immediately understood what Hoppus was trying to convey. 

Unlike the original “Imagine”  video, this one picked up a healthy head of steam in a good way.

What do you think of this blink-182 style "Mr. Brightside?" Tell us in the comments below!

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