Mt. Eddy have returned to Instagram again to tease their fans even more, and return as a whole new project called Ultra Q.

The band changed their Instagram name to Ultra Q as well as their Twitter handle.

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Their first post with the new handle features a distorted black-and-white video clip that looks like it was recorded on an old, broken TV. It features some seriously intriguing guitar riffs and ends with the text “Ultra Q 4/23.” This sounds like new music under a new name to us, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can see the video for yourself below.

On Sunday, the band returned to Instagram after deactivating their account for months now. They posted a video featuring footage from their shows with piano playing in the background.

The post contained no caption, but the end of the video shows some text that says “ultra q.”


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Fans weren’t exactly sure what the post meant, but they were just happy to see the band back online.

In case you forgot, the Oakland punks dropped their debut album Chroma in 2017. The last music we got was a three-song self-titled release last year. The guitarist/vocalist of the band, Jakob Danger, is the younger sibling of the drummer of punk rock band SWMRS. The rest of the lineup consists of Chris Malaspina on drums, Enzo Malaspina on guitar, and Kevin Judd on bass.

What do you think of Mt. Eddy changing their social media handles to Ultra Q and teasing new stuff? Sound off in the comments below.

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