"Life's so fun," isn't it? At least it is when Lorde joins MUNA for a surprise performance!

Last night (May 9), Lorde surprised fans at MUNA's show at Terminal 5 in New York City, joining the indie-pop band on stage to sing their hit "Silk Chiffon."

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The pop star came out in the middle of the performance after an introduction from vocalist Katie Glavan — only to be met by piercing screams from the crowd — and hopped on the verse typically sung by featured artist Phoebe Bridgers. It looks like Lorde had a total blast — dancing Gavin and singing the sweet, heartfelt love song with a huge smile on her face.

MUNA is on tour right now, having dropped their self-titled album last year, and coming off the recent release of their latest single "One That Got Away."

Check out the adorable footage of the band's performance with Lorde below.