The CDC tells us that frequent hand washing and self-isolation are the best activities to react against the coronavirus pandemic. We're reacting with 10 music activities you can do while you're stuck at home. Because being hooked on/in front of a device can be pretty tedious. And physical media is still cool.

While the digital era continues to condition us against physical media, the byproduct of artifacts is where it's at. We're thinking that if you're as obsessed with music as we are, you've got a lot of stuff that needs sorted out and cataloged. But if you don't, there's plenty of music activities that you can dive into that will pass the time and stoke your enthusiasm.

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Whether you're looking for some home improvement ideas, we've got some. If you seek new ways to spruce up or deface your shoes and clothes, you've clicked on the right link. Looking for a makeup tutorial to reconcile your love of a particular album cover? Sorted. You say you lost enthusiasm for a bunch of records and compact discs? We've got ways to keep them useful and out of a landfill. By the way, does anybody cut and keep their wristbands after a show? (No angle here, we were just curious.)

There are lots of music activities you can embark on that don't require physical media.  You can improve your expertise in specific genres and musicians via research. More importantly, if you're by yourself, you can do a ton of stupid stuff by merely rocking out. We promise: There is nothing you couldn't do at home that is more reprehensible than this.

So don't postpone joy by limiting yourself. Music, art, fashion, design: They're all part of a great convergence that makes life worth living. Besides, this could be the best imposed staycation you'll ever have.