Comedians and sketch writers create jokes, scenes and stories from current events, pop culture and even mundane daily tasks. In recent years, sketch comedy has blown up, making its creators rock stars in the comedy world. Many of these performers use their platform to poke fun at a myriad of genres and music experiences by dressing up like punks, rockers and rappers themselves.

Many are familiar with the comedic stylings of Saturday Night Live, but here are 10 other sketch shows, from Comedy Central to YouTube, that are sharing the music love and jokes to audiences everywhere. 

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1. Key & Peele

Comedy stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele had a great run on their Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele. Throughout their work, they poked fun at all sorts of pop culture icons such as OutKast and made jokes about genres such as dubstep and EDM. In this video, they tackle the wild duo LMFAO and their repetitive club lyrics. The beat drops and the song never stops because the “party don’t stop,” ever. However, LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” blends well with some scene favorites, so all is not lost. 

2. Portlandia 

Portlandia creators and actors Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney) are no strangers to the industry as they are both musicians themselves. In many of their sketches, they touch on music, punk culture and goth culture. In this sketch, the two take you on a trip through a stereotypical punk house complete with porch couches and an abundance of gear. Armisen rocks the punk look, attitude and even mentions Descendents

3. Inside Amy Schumer

Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer stars stand-up comedian and actress Amy Schumer, who focuses her sketches on femininity and the hardships that come with being a woman. In this sketch, she targets boy bands, specifically One Direction, for their uplifting songs. That crashes and burns quickly. For people who wear makeup, this song may be incredibly funny. (Also, the real Harry Styles would never hurt fans like this.)

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4. Funny Or Die

Web-based sketch company Funny Or Die was founded by several comedians, including Will Ferrell. For 13 years, several sketches about music have been produced, including this one featuring actors and longtime Rush fans Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. The duo sneak into the band’s green room, where Rush make a cameo appearance. Needless to say, things get a little awkward for the classic-rock group. Funny Or Die features several musicians on their site, such as Coheed And Cambria and the Flaming Lips. Funny Or Die even pokes fun at major music executives, their busy schedules and how they may take away some artistic freedom. 

5. Robot Chicken

Adult Swim is home to many offbeat comedies such as Metalocalypse and The Eric Andre Show. One show that goes beyond a typical sketch-show format and creates short animated and claymation videos for their variety show is Robot Chicken. In this very quick clip, one rocker is sad that his applause is a little on the quieter side. Unfortunately, his fans can’t help it.

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6. I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson 

Formerly of Saturday Night Live, comedian Tim Robinson got picked up by Netflix for his own sketch series, I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson. He brought a fresh perspective to the comedy scene with his quirky, albeit unorthodox, writing style. His performance in this sketch is laugh-out-loud funny as his character is clearly missing the memo on how the lead singer wants their song to go. Robinson’s character opts for a grim set of rock lyrics involving bones, worms and money. What more could you want from a sketch? 

7. Alternatino 

Comedy Central’s Alternatino, created by Arturo Castro (Broad City, Narcos), devised several hilarious sketches related to life as a modern Latino man. In this sketch, he makes a few cheeky jokes about a foundation similar to Make-A-Wish and how many kids request celebrity and musician meet-and-greets. In this case, a young boy makes a wish to never see Macklemore. Poor Macklemore, not doing too hot with the youth demographic. 

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8. The Amanda Show

Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show delighted audiences of all ages from 1999-2002. In one of their sketches, Drake Bell, famous from Drake & Josh, played the goofy, shaggy-headed guitarist Kyle. He may not be the smartest character, but he’s a charming, wonderfully musical and beyond funny dude who would fit perfectly in any surf-rock band. 

9. CollegeHumor

The brilliant writers at YouTube-based CollegeHumor have shared many sketches about music throughout the years. In this ska parody video, the comedians dress up in the stereotypical suspenders, chain wallets, fedoras, and, of course, they skank hard in their checkered attire. They even mention ska-punk legends Less Than Jake in their lyrics. The “lead singer” runs into a bit of an issue when his brass section won’t back off at all. Now you know how some ska guitarists feel. The comics also shared a sketch where they made a pop-punk music video to take down “the establishment,” aka their boss. 

10. Kroll Show

Nick Kroll, the creator of Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, often develops sketches with recurring characters. In one string of sketches, he created “Nash Rickey,” a rock legend from the band Sloppy Secondz, who watched their hit “L.A. Deli” top the charts. In this sketch, Rickey is trying to get his band back together and exemplifies a couple of funny stereotypes of the “rock star lifestyle” along the way.