While we’ve all been practicing social distancing, we can’t help but daydream about all of the things we’re looking forward to doing once we’re able to go out. Because we’re music obsessed by nature, many of the activities we’re looking forward to doing involve music. 

To spark some inspiration for you, we’ve rounded up 10 things every music lover can’t wait to do after the outbreak of coronavirus is over. You can check those out below. 

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1. Go to concerts

This is absolutely No. 1 for a reason. We miss seeing live music more than anything. Whether it’s a sold-out arena show or a local band at a dive bar, we crave the atmosphere of a concert hall most of all. 

2. Blast music in our cars

While there are definitely huge events we are looking forward to participating in again once this is all over, we truly miss the little things. Packing all of our friends in a car, singing songs at the top of our lungs and driving who knows where is one of those things. We wish we could bond over music with people we love, and we can’t wait to do it again in person. 

3. Shop at a record store

When this blows over, we’re driving to our favorite record store and spending hours browsing the entire collection. And let’s be honest—we’ll probably drop a hefty amount of money on vinyl because we deserve a treat after all of this. 

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4. Perform at a karaoke bar

Our first big night out will definitely include some karaoke, which may or may not be fueled by a few beers. We can’t think of a better way to blow off steam and goof off with our friends than with a good old fashioned karaoke night. 

5. Buy tickets to a meet-and-greet with our favorite band

This entire situation has taught us that matters outside of anyone’s control can prohibit us from doing what’s inherent to humans by nature: socializing. We might have taken the opportunity to give a hug or say hi to someone on the street before, but not after all of this. That’s why we’re not skimping out to meet one of our favorite bands in person because you never know when that opportunity won’t exist anymore. 

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6. Play live music again

Anyone who’s in a band or plays an instrument is probably getting that itch to perform onstage again. It’s one of the biggest thrills you can have, and getting to play music for other people again will be the ultimate adrenaline rush after this. 

7. Hit up Emo Night at our favorite bar

If you’ve ever hit up your local punk bar for their Emo Night, you know exactly why we miss it so much. The opportunity to party and dance like crazy in a room full of people who are just like you provides the ultimate sense of belonging. And if you’ve never been to an Emo Night, we suggest you find one immediately after this is over or throw a party and have your own at home. 

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8. Dance with our friends

Like with Emo Night, we miss getting to dance like crazy with our friends. Whether it’s at a concert or just in our living rooms, bonding with people by dancing like no one else is watching is a true joy of life. 

9. Go to an all-day music festival

We’re going all out when we’re able to attend festivals again. No more skipping sets to take a nap—we’re going to go all day and have the full festival experience, just because we can. Plus, we’ll probably dress over the top because that’s half the fun of festivals anyway. 

10. Go back to work 

This hits home for us at AltPress, who dearly miss going into work and seeing our co-workers every day. People in the music business can probably relate, whether they’re a concert promoter, a band manager or a bartender at a concert hall. People who love music and get to make a career out of it feel extremely lucky to do so, and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to do what we love again with co-workers who are just as passionate.