Music blog PropertyOfZack to shut down

Music website PropertyOfZack will be shutting down within a week, its owner said in a statement.

The blog—known for its short and speedy news updates—was founded by Zack Zarrillo when he was in high school and became a staple for music news in the punk scene.

“My life is in a period of deep change and instead of risking integrity, happiness, or feeling guilt – I would rather PropertyOfZack say goodbye the right way,” Zarrillo said in a post. “Timing is everything, after all. I haven’t looked at our traffic in many months, but I appreciate the dedicated daily, weekly, or monthly readers of the site now more than ever. I’d rather bid you a proper farewell than a lackluster finale. Burnout, not fade away.”

Zarrillo, who also manages bands like Knuckle Puck and owns Bad Timing Records, recently shifted the Tumblr-powered blog away from news, focusing more on opinion and analysis. The site also abandoned traditional web advertising, in favor of sponsorships and crowdfunding.

Back in 2012, digital publisher SpinMedia (the parent company of SPIN magazine) purchased POZ, along with other scene-centric sites like UnderTheGun and AbsolutePunk. Earlier this year, however, Zarrillo managed to take ownership back from Spin.

POZ’s biggest story was breaking the Fall Out Boy reunion in 2013.