Alright, so, New Year’s resolutions are sort of bogus. Most of the time, our resolutions fizzle out before February hits.

But this time of year is always a nice time to do some reflecting. There are tiny ways we can all improve our lives, even when it comes to music.

Do you want to be a better music fan? Here are a few resolutions you can make to help.

1. Share more good music

If you know people with similar music tastes, why not send them a new song that you’re into? It’s a win-win: Your friend might get a new favorite band, and you get to enjoy your favorite tunes with them.

2. Buy music

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Don’t pirate. Just don’t do it.

3. Buy their merch, if you can afford it

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This can especially help smaller bands when they’re trying to make ends meet on tour.

4. Consider the comments section

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If you don’t like something you see online, think about that comment you’re going to post. Sometimes it’s better to keep on scrolling and avoid a hate-fest in a 300-comment thread. Sometimes it’s justified to speak out. All we’re saying is to give it a little extra thought.

5. Call out hate


If you see hate in an online comment, or coming from a band itself, call that person out 100 percent. There really should be no place for bigotry online or in real life—and it shouldn’t be shoved under the rug. If everyone who saw a hateful moment said something about it, the world would be a better place.

6. Stay chill at a chill concert

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Sometimes people just want to bob around and not punch each other. Why do you have to swing your arms like that, you crazy animal? Know your surroundings and respect them. Go to the side and dance with your buddies, but not in the center of the calm crowd.

7. Stay hype at a hype concert

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Similarly, you don’t want to be that guy trying to calm down a mosh pit when everyone around you is going wild. Either dance, or calmly move to the side if you don’t want to take part.

8. Concert courtesy


OK, no one can help being tall. But tall people can avoid standing directly in front of shorter people (to an extent). You don’t need to be glued to the back wall, but you can be courteous to those around you. And if you’re short, be kind to these tall friends. They probably don’t want to be blocking your view.

9. Don’t be a jerk

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If you don’t like a band, don’t be a complete jerk toward people who do like them. Everyone’s entitled to enjoy whatever kind of music they enjoy.

10. Follow their socials

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If you’re on social media and want to show a band some extra love, follow their accounts. That can help bands get better exposure online and reach more people with their music. Plus, it’s good to know what’s going on with a band through their status updates.

11. Show your love!

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You could talk to the band at their merch table after the show, or send them a nice message. Spread the love.