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It seems like we have music at our fingertips these days with apps like Spotify and phones that double as a music library. Kids today will never understand the struggles our generation had to endure on a daily basis just to enjoy the music we loved.

Here are 10 music struggles kids today just won't understand.  

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1. Being unable to fit all of your CDs in your CD case

Nothing was more heartbreaking than realizing you could no longer fit every CD into your CD case. Narrowing it down was nearly impossible. It was like asking someone to pick their favorite child.

2. The relationship between cassette and pencil

Remember when the tape player in your car would eat your cassette? Thank god for pencils. I had to save my Now 4 cassette tape many, many times this way.

3. Walkman vs Pocket

Jamming your favorite CD on your Walkman was great until you needed to do something with your hands. You could forget about getting that thing to fit in your pocket.

4. Trying to find your favorite Hit Clips Micro Music Clips

Next level technology right here. You mean I can play music on this AND fit it in my pocket?! Of course, you got only one song out of each Micro Clip, and sometimes it was only a one-minute preview,  but collecting these things quickly became a top priority.

5. The risk of Limewire

Do you love computer viruses? Then Limewire was the site for you! It was the go-to to get free music downloads, but it was pretty much guaranteed to destroy your computer in the process. Most people believed the risk to be well worth the reward, unless the song you spent two hours trying to download ended up being the Kidz Bop version.