Simon & Garfunkel, Sonny & Cher and even the Black Keys are some of the most famous musical duos. Outside of performing, many ensembles are also close friends, which can make working together even more enjoyable.

There are also several amazing duos in the scene, including best friends Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots. Which pair do you think you and your best friend are most like? Take the quiz below to find out. 

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More on twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots dropped their first music since 2018’s Trench last month with the quarantine-inspired bop “Level Of Concern.” In addition to spawning a hilarious meme and absolutely smashing a number of chart records, the hit now has a new Instagram filter to use at your leisure.

One of the most fun bits of “the “Level Of Concern” video is the neon and blacklight scenes of Josh Dun drumming. Well, now you can feel like you’re there too with the newest filter.

twenty one pilots dropped “Level Of Concern” back in early-April. The song saw the band donating a portion of proceeds to Live Nation’s Crew Nation initiative launched at the beginning of April. Tyler Joseph mentioned he wanted the song to be a part of benefiting others.

“I also want a portion of whatever money this song makes to go to this charity I saw called Crew Nation,” he says. “It provides funding for people who work in the live music industry who don’t have a job right now.

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“No one knows when live music will get back on its feet,” he continues. “I’ve met so many amazing people working venues and touring with bands. Hopefully, we can do something to help some through this song.”

The song is an upbeat, almost dance-y track and avoids many of twenty one pilots’ darker themes

Now, you can feel like you’re right there with Dun with a brand new Instagram filter. The new filter plays the track in the background and all if the glow-in-the-dark stars and bright neon flashes are included as well.

If you’re on a mobile device with a recent version of Instagram, head over to twenty one pilots’ Instagram page. From there, tap the little smiley face tag next to IGTV and click on the video of Dun using the filter to try it yourself.

Which musical duo are you most like? Let us know in the comments below!