We have made it to Libra season! Libras are known for living a life of luxury and appreciating the finer things. You’ll often find Libras to be the most fashionable of the zodiac, and their essence is alluring. Libras thrive at the forefront of the music community because of their unique style and confidence. If you’re lucky enough to have a Libra in your life, you know they are as talented as they are stunning.

Libras are an air sign, which means they often go with the flow. Think of a gust of wind—one day they’re here, the next they’re gone. Libras are laid back and casual, which makes this zodiac sign well suited to be musicians. Libras are born from Sept. 23 to Oct. 22, and it’s time to celebrate.

Ryan Seaman - Sept. 23

Libras are drawn to keeping the peace and creating balance, and iDKHOW’s Ryan Seaman is great at that. Seaman has played in several bands, complementing them in his own way and bringing about balance across each project. Seaman’s laid-back nature helps create the cohesive energy needed to make his music great, which highlights his inner Libra attitude. 

Chris Turner - Sept. 26

Talk about style. Our next Libra, Chris Turner of Oceans Ate Alaska, is the definition of Libra style. However, what makes Turner’s style the essence of a Libra isn’t his clothes—it’s his unique approach to music. As a drummer, Turner takes pride in his kit and its customizations. Turner fuels his flair into his passion for drumming, making him undoubtedly a Libra. 

Luke Spiller Sept. 26

Our next Libra is a fashion icon: Luke Spiller of the Struts. Spiller is known for his killer fashion and British-rock aesthetic that mirrors Freddie Mercury’s classic Queen stage looks. Spiller loves to style his performances and put together eye-catching outfits for both shows and everyday life. The unique style Spiller exudes has become his brand and makes him an unforgettable Libra.

Avril Lavigne - Sept. 27

Libras are known for being laid back and easygoing, and Avril Lavinge is no exception. Lavinge exudes a calm and cool personality, as she tends to go with the flow. When Lavinge started her music career, she put out carefree singles, but as she’s evolved in her music, she’s tackled more serious subjects (“Head Above Water”). Lavinge’s strength and creativity show throughout her art, in a true Libra way.

Grant Brandell - Sept. 27

A lesser-known fact about Libras is that they are often family-oriented. Libras love to love and tend to give their all to their loved ones, which makes Underoath’s Grant Brandell an authentic Libra. If you follow Brandell on Instagram, he’s always posting about his wife and family. Brandell is a sterling example of a Libra, highlighting what he values most in this world. 

St. Vincent - Sept. 28

What makes St. Vincent a true Libra is that she’s never afraid to express herself. St. Vincent emanates Libra confidence and playfulness, and she brings that into every song she creates. This singer-songwriter’s imagination is limitless, a trait well known for Libra’s. Thus, from St. Vincent’s eclectic fashion to her psychedelic influences, she is most certainly a Libra.

Halsey - Sept. 29

In the zodiac community, individualism is normally attributed to Aquarius. However, one could argue that Libras also are incredibly peculiar in wonderful ways. Halsey is the definition of that. Halsey is an insightful poet, creating dreams with her work, as an honest Libra does. She spends a lot of her time and energy fighting for social justice, particularly for women and people of color. Thus, Halsey is a real Libra because she uses her talent and platform to spread love and confidently fights for what she believes in.  

Adore Delano - Sept. 29

Self-expression is a boundless Libra trait, which makes our next Libra an amazing addition. Adore Delano is beloved for expressing themselves through their signature punk-rock attitude—and through drag. Libras love and live a luxurious lifestyle, and Delano does exactly that. Delano is unafraid of being exactly who they are, and that makes them wonderfully Libra.

Dean Butterworth - Sept. 26

What makes Libras an asset in the music industry is their eye for visual aesthetics. Dean Butterworth values the vibes in every one of Good Charlotte’s shows. Just by watching him perform, it's clear Butterworth has a signature style, making him a true Libra at heart.

Landon Tewers - Sept. 27

The love Libras have to give is exceptional, which makes the Plot In You’s Landon Tewers a real Libra. You can catch Tewers often posting about his partner and their fur babies. He’s consistently working on new music and partnering with other incredible artists. Tewers is the epitome of a Libra because of the love he puts into his craft. 

Cubbie Fink - Oct. 4

Libras are fiercely loyal, especially to their family and close friends. Cubbie Fink is a family man, who prides himself on the life he’s created. From his time in Foster The People to building his family, Fink exudes loyalty, love, confidence and talent, making him the epitome of a Libra.

Lauren Mayberry - Oct. 7

The luxury lifestyle is what Libras live for, and Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES is a great example of that. Mayberry is known for her alluring aesthetic in everything she does, and each CHVRCHES set is created to coincide with the art in her music. By embracing her creativity in all areas of her music, Mayberry embodies exactly what it means to be a Libra. 

Nikki Misery - Oct. 8

Nikki Misery is the definition of an individual with flair, which is everything that a Libra stands for. Misery is full of that punk-rock glam that makes his contributions extremely unique to New Years Day. Misery also creates balance with his music, showing sorrow and happiness simultaneously, in a way only a Libra could. Additionally, Misery is great friends with Ash Costello, and through that loyalty and friendship, the two create incredible art together.

Johnny Ramone - Oct. 8

Johnny Ramone homed in on the traits that he needed to keep up with the Ramones’s speedy brand of punk, which meant developing a technique that allowed him to strum equally as fast. Known for being able to downpick for hours, this Ramone approached guitar in his own style, a trait that screams Libra.

Lzzy Hale - Oct. 10

Starting a band with your sibling is probably the most Libra thing a Libra could do. Lzzy Hale started Halestorm with her brother Arejay, and the two love working together. Libras are incredibly loyal to those they love, and you’ll often find their love languages are quality time. That’s what makes Hale the definition of a Libra.

Flea - Oct. 16

Libras are commonly known for being indecisive, as they want to please those they love/ However, they also can be pretty confident, too. Red Hot Chili PeppersFlea carries that balance, as he often exudes confidence. In order to rock a name like Flea, you have to embrace your distinctiveness without shame, and that personality trait is what a Libra stands for.

Chris Motionless - Oct. 17

Makeup and fashion are a huge part of the Libra vocabulary, even for men. That’s what makes Chris Motionless a true Libra—he has a keen eye for self-expressive style. Motionless In White have their own eclectic style, and Motionless is at the helm of that. Embracing what makes you who you are is the Libra trait that Motionless is full of.

Elaine Bradley - Oct. 19

If you follow many Libras online, you’ll often see things such as “mom” or “dog mom” in their bios. Elaine Bradley is a proud mom and would scream it from the rooftops. Bradley values being a mother and having a family, truly exuding that Libra loving energy. Pouring love in all she does, this Neon Trees drummer is a Libra at heart because she believes in loyalty and embraces the things in her life that make her stellar. 

Mitch Lucker - Oct. 20

Mitch Lucker never shied away from self-expression, which made him the most honest version of a Libra. From his tattoos and personal style to his presence with Suicide Silence, Lucker was unapologetically himself, and that is a Libra through and through.

Cris Kirkwood - Oct. 22

Libras are always down to try something new while creating that balance of responsibility too, which brings us to Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets. Kirkwood has always been unapologetically himself and takes on Libra qualities because he authentically lives the life he wants to. Not to mention he still rocks the coolest hairstyles to this day, embracing his identity as a real Libra.