If you enjoy rock, metal, punk or any other adjacent genre, you’re surely a fan of guitars. While we fascinate over the riffs our favorite musicians create using their instruments, sometimes the tool itself is as cool as what it makes. Icons such as Slash or Eddie Van Halen can hardly be pictured without their signature guitar models. Countless others have almost created a persona from the incredible looks of their riff machines. 

Do you think you can pick out the guitarist based on a photo of their guitar? Test out your knowledge in the quiz below.

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More on signature guitars

Fall Out Boy fans are in for quite the holiday treat as the band just unveiled a limited edition Pete Wentz bass.

Featured as part of their holiday merch drop, the bass comes in two epic color options and is limited to 50 units each.

Wentz is best known for his black and red bass featuring the Clandestine bat logo. The artist has previously opened up on its impact on his musicianship in an interview with Fender, who makes his signature instrument.

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Wentz previously teamed up with Squier by Fender to produce a replica of that instrument. While that bass is currently out of stock, Wentz has teamed back up with Fender for Fall Out Boy’s latest drop.

The band announced their new drop this week, writing, “you, too, could be slappin’ the bass. check out the limited edition bass guitars (before they’re all gone!) + new holiday merch in the webstore ? (+ 25% off select items ?) https://store.falloutboy.com **@petewentznot included **”

While this one unfortunately doesn’t spit fire, the limited edition guitars come in two color options. Limited to 50 units each, the bass is available in bowling ball black and bowling ball pink and retails at $675.

Fall Out Boy have also added the diagonal gradient logo crewneck, holiday logo socks, repeat holiday mug and FOB Forever blanket to their merch shore. Check out everything available here.