Most band members don’t earn six figures. Music is their passion, but more likely than not, it’s not their sole source of income. Old Wounds vocalist Kevin Iavaroni is also a barber, for instance; so is END bassist Jay Pepito.

A handful of musicians are also tattoo artists. Of course, it’s not just the need for money that puts the tattoo machine in their hands, but the need for another outlet of artistic expression. So which of your favorite artists can you get inked by?

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Patrick Sheridan, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY

Originally a New Jersey native, Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Patrick Sheridan now tattoos out of the Southern state of Georgia. When he’s not recording the latest FFAA record (keep your eye out for a new one this year) or shredding onstage, he works as a tattoo artist at 1920 Tattoo. True to his hardcore roots, Sheridan favors the American traditional style.

Alex Varkatzas, ATREYU

Touring in a band may be hectic, but what most people don’t realize is that there’s actually a lot of downtime. That’s why Atreyu vocalist Alex Varkatzas takes his love for tattooing on the road with him. Working primarily in American traditional, Varkatzas often tattoos as a guest artist at shops along his travels.  

Jimmy Wizard, HIGHER POWER

Higher Power are a hardcore-meets-noise punk band from the U.K. who are quickly catching fire here in the states. In fact, they’re set to tour with Knocked Loose, the Acacia Strain, Harm’s Way and Sanction this spring. But music isn’t the only creative outlet for vocalist Jimmy Wizard, who’s also a professional tattoo artist who has worked out of shops such as Sacred Electric Tattoo and Old Habits Tattoo.

Chris Bishop,  CROBOT

Into Wolfmother or Queens Of The Stone Age? Then you’ll dig Crobot, a four-piece rock outfit out of Pennsylvania. The band will be playing Epicenter Festival in North Carolina this May. When they’re not onstage, though, guitarist Chris Bishop can be found tattooing out of Abaddon Studio in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania.

Human Furnace, RINGWORM

Human Furnace (born James Bulloch) doesn’t just handle vocal duties for the Ohio thrash band Ringworm; he’s also deft at handling a tattoo machine at 252 Tattoo. Bulloch is skilled in a variety of styles, from black and gray realism to neo-traditional.