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20 Virgos in the music scene celebrating their birthday season

It’s finally Virgo season! It’s time to celebrate some of the coolest Virgos, born from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22. Virgos are known for being organized, creative, efficient, independent and charitable. Virgos are earth signs, which means they are also grounded and well adjusted. In the music industry, it’s great to have a Virgo around to stay organized and make sure everything goes according to plan, especially during a live show.

You’ll find musicians who have Virgo as their sun sign to be calm, cool and collected. They keep everything well organized and always have a plan. Thus, Virgos find a home in the music industry because they work hard, fuel their creativity through their passion and spread joy throughout their talent and charitable acts. 

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Chrissy Costanza – Aug. 23

Our first Virgo is none other than Chrissy Costanza, the lead vocalist for Against The Current. Virgos are often known for being rather particular, and Costanza is no exception. The vocalist has an amazing sense of style that you can tell she puts a lot of time into crafting, from her clothes to the organization style of the group’s shows on tour. Costanza exudes the creativity and craftiness of a true Virgo.

Craig Owens – Aug. 26

ChiodosCraig Owens is the essence of a Virgo. This sign tends to take on as many projects as they can handle, and Owens definitely does that. Virgos love to be multifaceted, and their keen organization skills equip them properly to take on multiple ventures. Thus, we have Owens. 

Cassadee Pope – Aug. 28

A key trait for Virgos is independence, which makes Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday accurately a Virgo. Pope’s emerging solo career in 2012 highlights her Virgo nature of being self-sufficient and creative. Independence is key for Virgos, as they often branch out on their own to pursue their own projects. When you’re working on, well, anything, you want a Virgo at the helm calling the shots because they pride themselves on their structure and independence. 

Florence Welch – Aug. 28

A little known fact about Virgos is that they are insanely artistic and introspective. In comes Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine. Welch is also a writer and artist, as she has taken to creating books and other works of art. Welch’s passion and creativity are innately Virgo, as she’s a particular perfectionist in everything she does. From her eclectic style to beautifully organized live shows, Welch just screams Virgo in every way. 

Cove Reber – Aug. 28

Talk about artistic and multifaceted. Former Saosin vocalist Cove Reber is extremely creative and uses his talent to pursue a variety of different projects. Virgos often have multiple streams of creativity, and Reber is no exception. He takes his talents and spreads them across multiple bands and projects, which is the epitome of a Virgo move. 

Ryan Ross – Aug. 30

A true Virgo is inherently talented and goal-oriented. Ex-Panic! At The Disco guitarist Ryan Ross is all of the above. Ross values perfection in all he does and refuses to settle for less. Virgos often take on several different projects because they find fulfillment in hard work and are passionate about reaching all of their goals, making Ross undoubtedly a Virgo. 

Lars Frederiksen – Aug. 30

You probably know a Virgo or two who spend their time working with nonprofits and donating what they can. Lars Frederiksen of Rancid does exactly that. Frederiksen is passionate about the music industry and uses his platform to help causes that are close to his heart. A little known trait about Virgos is that they’re often charitable and like to volunteer and support various organizations they believe in. That is what makes Frederiksen a Virgo, as he channels that passion into his music and charitable music-industry causes

Joe Trohman – Sept. 1

Speaking of Virgo activism, it’s also important to mention Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy. Something to note about Trohman is that he’s an activist, fighting for social justice and using his platform accordingly. Thus, Trohman shows off that charitable and passionate side of Virgos that isn’t always expected. He channels his organization skills and passion for social justice into his celebrity platform, and that is a Virgo to a T.

Ricky Horror – Sept. 1

Virgos value their independence and alone time, which often makes them introverted and introspective. That’s what brings Ricky Horror of Motionless In White to mind. One major thing to note about Horror is that he’s incredibly independent and keeps his social media presence minimal. Horror instead focuses on his craft. This is why Ricky embodies a Virgo—he values his independence and uses his time to work on his music.

Ryota Kohama – Sept. 4

Virgos like to change things up and often don’t just stick to one thing. That’s what makes Ryota Kohama from ONE OK ROCK a true Virgo. Kohama dabbles in rock and hip-hop, and his ability to cross genres is the essence of a Virgo. Virgos are innately creative and love to try new things, even if they don’t work out in the end.

Freddie Mercury – Sept. 5

Freddie Mercury needs no introduction. He’s curated his own unique style, and Queen were meticulous in perfecting their music. Every Queen song is crafted so each band member fits beautifully together, including Mercury with his flair and passion. This is what makes Mercury a true Virgo, as he’s a stylistic, passionate perfectionist.

Jimmy Urine – Sept. 7

Multiple streams of income is the name of the Virgo game. Jimmy Urine keeps up with the trends and immerses himself in new projects all the time. Thus, Urine is a true Virgo in that he diversifies what he’s doing and is constantly looking for ways to get more involved. If there’s something involving programming, animation or rocking out, Urine‘s on it. Listeners know him best as the co-founder and genius programmer of electro-punk wiseguys Mindless Self Indulgence. Urine also voiced a character for the pixelated animation series X-RL7 and completed a faux British gangster movie soundtrack with System Of A Down‘s Serj Tankian (under the name Fuktronic). Over the years, Urine’s also done musical projects for Marvel and appeared in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Like any true Virgo, the dude is in motion, constantly

Brendan Kelly – Sept. 8

Did someone say multi-talented? That’s definitely Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms because not only is he a musician but also a writer, television host and the keeper of the Nihilist Arby’s Twitter account. Virgos are known for being organized, and it’s not uncommon to see them as teachers or in office jobs. However, Virgos are also incredibly talented and can be found in creative careers, too. Thus, Kelly’s ability to be creative and hardworking is innately Virgo as he tackles multiple different kinds of jobs.

Mikey Way –  Sept. 10

Speaking of a talented Virgo, look no further than Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance. After My Chem broke up, Way pursued other projects such as acting and creating the comic book Collapser with Shaun Simon. Virgos love changes and often embrace new projects with open arms. Way handled each change beautifully and channels his talent straight into them, making him the epitome of a Virgo. 

Patty Walters – Sept. 12

Multitasking looks effortless when there’s a Virgo involved, and Patty Walters from As It Is does exactly that. Walters has taken to content creation outside of music and finds a way to blend those two passions through his YouTube channel. As Walters branches out into other creative outlets, it’s clear he’s a true Virgo in every sense of the word. 

Skyler Acord – Sept. 12

Did you know that Virgos often take on teacher-type roles? Skyler Acord from Issues actually moonlights as a guitar teacher. He offers virtual classes and uses his social media platforms to reach students who may be interested in lessons. This is the essence of Virgo energy, as this sign is eager to teach and share their talents with the world.

Amy Winehouse – Sept. 14

Amy Winehouse is no longer with us, but her legacy will live on forever. Winehouse had a very particular style, was fiercely independent and truly shined in her creativity. That’s what makes her an alluring Virgo—she was able to be particular, organized and independent. You see this independence in her interviews, where she often explains her love of music as being an outlet of self-expression, making her a true Virgo at heart.

Tegan And Sara – Sept. 19

While Gemini may be the sign of twins, plenty of other signs have twin birthdays, too. That’s where Tegan And Sara come in. What makes these two the epitome of a Virgo is that they use their platform for charitable causes. Virgos are always eager to help. The duo even have their own Community Grants foundation and actively try to help those in need. Sounds like a pair of Virgos to us. 

Adam Lazzara – Sept. 22

Virgos are perfect fits in the music industry because they’re extremely entertaining. Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday definitely meets this description. He’s always been creating music, giving us plenty of iconic Taking Back Sunday albums in the process. Likewise, Lazzara has pursued many different kinds of music ventures, all with incredible talent, making him a true Virgo.

Joan Jett – Sept. 22

Joan Jett is one of the Virgo queens of rock ’n’ roll. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts set a standard and encouraged more women to join rock bands. Jett’s personal style and attitude are absolutely iconic and distinctive to her, rocking that Virgo energy. It takes passion, perseverance and individuality to make it in the rock world like Jett has, making her a Virgo in every way.