Just like crushed cans of PBR, moshing and piercings, tattoos are synonymous with the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle. Whether you’re onstage or buying tickets to shows every weekend, it’s likely that you have, or at least have considered, getting some ink. Maybe you've even considered getting a face tattoo

Many music icons such as Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon and Travis Barker of blink-182 rock tattoos everywhere, including their face. Take the quiz below to see how well you can match the face tattoo to the musician who dons them!

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Travis Barker has had quite the year so far. Along with teaming up with Machine Gun Kelly for the No. 1 album Tickets To My Downfall, he has also been working on blink-182‘s follow-up to NINE.

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Now, it looks like the blink-182 drummer has taken a break from his busy recording schedule to add another tattoo to his ever-growing collection.

Obviously, Barker is no stranger to tattoos. The legendary musician is pretty much inked from head to toe and has been expanding his collection long before his blink-182 days. Lately, Barker has been getting plenty of new ink. Earlier this year, he shared some painful videos of getting both of his knees tattooed with a spiderweb and skull.

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Now, it looks like Barker is adding another new tattoo to his collection this year. He shared a video of legendary tattoo artist Dr. Woo giving him ink. Barker added the latest tattoo of a rose on the side of his face, just below a cross tattoo. Check it out here.