From the rational to the irrational, many people have a phobia.

Whether you’ve had an experience in your lifetime that’s left a bad taste in your mouth or you simply woke up one day feeling completely and utterly repulsed by something, a phobia usually stays with you for life.

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We asked members of Creeper, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Bowling For Soup, Palaye Royale, While She Sleeps, the Faim, Municipal Waste, Deez Nuts, Grayscale, Don Broco and Milk Teeth to reveal some of the things that have the potential to keep them awake at night.

1. Will Gould, CREEPER

Crabs. I love all animals, but I hate crabs. Crabs freak me out. They’re like skeletons that move! It’s like watching a real-life horror film.


Spiders. I was with my daughter one day. She was two years old at the time, and she had just learned what spiders are. She calls them “arañas” because she’s learning to speak Spanish. She was like, “Daddy, daddy, araña!” and it was this gigantic fucking house spider. It’s called a hobo spider. I grabbed it, because I had to. I had to show her no fear, and I scooped it up and held it in my hand. It ran up the sleeve of my jumper, and I was fucking dying!

3. Jaret Reddick, BOWLING FOR SOUP

Mice. Not pet mice, the little gray ones that are unpredictable and run across the floor. I don’t want any part of that.

4. Remington Leith, PALAYE ROYALE

Snakes creep me the fuck out. They don’t have any feet! I don’t know how they move. It’s funny because I’m obsessed with Harry Potter, and I took a quiz to see which house I would be in and got Slytherin.

5. Lawrence “Loz” Taylor, WHILE SHE SLEEPS

I’ve got tattoos, but I’ve still got a phobia of blood tests. I don’t know what it is; it’s not really the pain of it. The whole thing makes me feel a bit queasy.

6. Josh Raven, THE FAIM

I hate clowns. I can’t stand clowns. There’s just something that makes me really uncomfortable about clowns, and I don’t know what. I think it’s the fake smiles.