iPhone users asking Siri "What is one trillion to the tenth power" isn't anything new, but this mathematical equation has sparked the latest Siri Challenge that musicians have taken to an entirely new level.

Check out the first #SiriChallenge of 2019 below, and prepare to be impressed.

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When you ask Siri to perform this equation, you're gonna get a heck of a lot of zeros. But it's what musicians are doing with these zeros that has inspired that latest challenge.

This isn't the first time this "zero beat" has hit social media. A group collaboration from 2016 shows this fad has been around for a while.

It seems the challenge has been revived as as out-pour of creative videos surfaced on social media in regards to this latest Siri Challenge.

Some of these are absolutely insane.

We're LIVING for this challenge.

Check out a few more of our favorites below!

The challenge has even found its way over to Instagram.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems too thrilled about the #SiriChallenge.

At least this challenge is MUCH safer than the recent Bird Box challenge which has already required Netflix to issue a warning.

Who would you like to see participate in the latest Siri Challenge? Sound off in the comments below!

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