Originally, the concept of having a spirit animal was derived from the Native Americans.

It’s basically a breed of animal that you feel embodies your personality or perhaps one that you can relate to on a spiritual level.

We asked members of Palaye Royale, Deez Nuts, While She Sleeps, Milk Teeth, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Parkway Drive, the Bronx, Neck Deep, Municipal Waste, Cancer Bats, PVRIS, Don Broco, Bowling For Soup and Creeper to tell us what they think their spirit animal is.

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Remington Leith, PALAYE ROYALE

I swear I really don't know how I don't fall

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A baby panda. The babies are more adorable, and also they’ve got built in eyeliner at all times! It’s amazing. You’d never have to apply it in the morning.


A dog. I was born in the year of the dog, and this is the year of the dog, so apparently this is going to be a very prosperous year for me. That’s my shit.

Lawrence “Loz” Taylor, WHILE SHE SLEEPS

A hyena. Because I’m silly, a bit giggly—I’ve got a bite to me. I’m a bit ratty sometimes as well—they’re like lion/tiger rats, aren’t they?! I like them. They’re crazy animals.

Ben Barlow, NECK DEEP

Hot dawgs

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A gorilla. I’d love to be a big gorilla, chilling and sleeping a lot. Being lazy, gross and living in the forest climbing trees!


A panda. Because they’re cuddly creatures, but they’ll fuck you up, just like myself!

Liam Cormier, CANCER BATS

A wolf. I like them. They rip, they run in packs and they’re homies.

Becky Blomfield, MILK TEETH

Wetherspoons black card

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A bat. Because they’re a bit weird. I feel like they’re Marmite—people either love them or hate them, and that’s probably how they feel about me!


A fox. They’re slender and sexy and orange. But they also like stealing people’s rubbish!


A shark. They haven’t hurt me yet. I’ve had encounters, but I haven’t been bitten. A friend got done last year, got away real lucky, and there was an attack at home recently. So, I’m saying a shark, because if I’m friends with them, then they won’t come after me!

Will Gould, CREEPER

? - @thomaslislebrooker

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I have a cat at home, whose name’s Gus, and I always feel like if I was a cat, I’d be a bit like him. He’s sweet, but dopey and I love him.

Matt Caughthran, THE BRONX

A bear. I love to sleep, I love to eat salmon and when poked, I can attack!

Rob Damiani, DON BROCO

A polar bear. I was always a big polar bear fan. They’re very cool. I always wanted a baby polar bear growing up; I thought I could train it. It probably wouldn’t enjoy living in England! They’d want cold conditions, but I thought, ‘Wow if you had a polar bear buddy trekking round, having your back, that would be pretty cool.’

Lynn Gunn, PVRIS

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A lion. They’re very tame when they need to be, but also, if they need to puff out and attack they will do it! They’re very prideful.


A border collie because they’re smart, loyal and can catch the shit out of a Frisbee!